Tube trace

TUBE TRACE is a system designed for the monitoring and tracking of individual test tubes.

How it works:

1- The test tube tube tray

  • The HBH barcode reader scans each one of the test tubes.
  • The RFID tube tray collects all the data.

2- Check-out of secondary containers and transport

  • Insert the tube rack into the secondary RFID containers with datalogger tracking the temperature.
  • All data are collected and sent to the Cloud.
  • Insert the secondary containers into the isothermal tertiary containers to ensure a stable temperature during transport.

3- Check-in of the material at the laboratory

  • Place the tertiary container on the RFID plate/gate to download all the data.
  • The system immediately verifies if the data correspond to the ones put in by the centre at the starting point.
  • A report on the transport will be produced and the data uploaded in the system through the WEB App.

The software can be interfaced directly with the management software of the laboratory, so that the tubes can be checked in automatically upon arrival.

Components of Tube-Trace

  • Device to be installed at the collection centre (includes HBH Barcode reader and RFID reader/writer)
  • RFID Test tube tray
  • RFID secondary container equipped with datalogger recording temperature
  • Isothermal tertiary container to maintain the temperature stable during transport
  • RFID plate to be placed in the laboratory for the check in of tubes and the download of data
  • Software by M&G/Sirada to be installed on the computers at the blood testing centre and the laboratory

The benefits of HBH TUBE-TRACE

Time saving

Automatic global check-in of the tubes upon their arrival at laboratory

Preventive Scanning

Preventive scanning of the tubes to indentify any illegible codes

Controlled Temperature

Stable temperature during transport thanks to the combined solution H-BIN BioTransport

Constant Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of temperature and quantity of tubes from the point of collection to their arrival at the laboratory

Data Availability

The data collected during each phase of preparation and transport are sent in real time to the Cloud